A Guide To Buying And Using Travel Insurance

A Guide to Buying and Using Travel Insurance

Travel is already expensive enough, is not it? The cost of airfare, cruises, hotels, transportation, food and activities and entertainment are already high enough.

Did you know that if you are getting sick or injured during the trip abroad, your medical plan cannot cover any expenses you incur? If the cost of treatment is higher than the maxima of your medical plan, you will be responsible for the difference if you have already purchased a travel insurance. In fact, you cannot even be admitted to hospitals in some countries without proof that you have health or medical insurance.

This is true for everyone regardless of age or the length of time abroad. Suppose you get sick only a few hours after your arrival at the destination. Or take a day trip to another country and you are injured in a traffic accident. Or take one of your children is part of a group who attends a class abroad, gets food poisoning and a hospital stay.

You are responsible for the costs far beyond the limits of existing medical plan, in all circumstances without adequate travel health insurance. Therefore, before going abroad, you need to make sure that you are adequately covered by travel health insurance that will not break your budget. You should check whether appropriate coverage is already available to you through your medical plan, employee benefits, or even through a credit card.

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